Why Adoption?

Well for me this is an easy question to answer and I have many reasons. First, I believe as Christians it is our duty to help the least of these. This can be locally or globally. There is so much we can do within our own homes, families, churches, communities, country, and even world wide. Everyone has a heart for something different, just as we all feel led or desire to choose different careers or paths in life. We all feel passionate about different things in life, which is a great thing.

 So it is with great love and conviction that I tell you that I choose to follow my heart and pursue what God put on my heart a long time ago. My love for children is my guiding force in life. I have 2 biological children, and love to spend my days teaching other people's children. I love children and I will always have room in my heart for more. Even though I feel fulfilled with my biological children and that I have the privilege to educate young minds in my own community. Something that I love and take great pride in. I know in my heart I have a responsibility to God to fulfill another commitment-Adoption.

 Why has God called upon this single, and financially struggling mother to adopt?

 God knows the high cost of Adoption, it cost him the blood of his only son to adopt all of us as his children. That adoption was bigger than any sacrifice any of us will ever make. So it leads me to this thought. If God gave up his only son to save me I feel I owe it to him to do what he has called me to do. I feel honored to have been called to adoption. I have plenty of room in my heart and room in my home. So why not?

 I think he also uses this time to show us how great he is. The families adopting don't have $20,000 to $45,000 to adopt but through him and his great works, somehow these unimaginable amounts of money come to life. I have heard their stories. I am amazed each time at his never ending acts of love and faith.

 It's amazing what you hear if you actually listen. I feel like I have put this off for so long out of fear. What is it I fear? Truthfully, the only fear I have going into this is the financial cost. Is that a valid fear? That depends on your faith. Am I scared? Yes. Is fear going to hold me back? No. So with faith, I say that "What God guides, God provides."

I thank you for reading my story of why. I look forward to sharing the journey that I am just beginning. The journey of this adoption will lead me to the Democratic Republic of Congo. I knew Africa was the destination but always thought of several other countries that I may be led to but God had a different plan for me. Now I just follow where I am led because this is not about me. So obedience is what I will use to guide me. I continue to ask him for guidance and support.

 From you I ask that you pray for the little girl sitting in an orphanage waiting to come home to a house and family of LOVE. This precious, little girl is coming home to a family that already is in love with her. The power of prayer is Amazingly Powerful.
 " Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. "Isaiah 43:5

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